Monday, July 26, 2010

Weights and Wraps on Monday

Working it Out
I must say that I feel so incredibly wiped out today after such a busy weekend. I didn't even feel like attempting weights at lunch, so we hit Target instead to get some more last-minute travel items for my Cathe Road Trip extravaganza this weekend.

I did manage to pull it together for biceps, triceps, and MMA boxing after work. I knew deep down that it'd give me the energy boost I desperately needed. Plus, I needed to get it done. I did supersets again for weights of 3 sets of 8 reps:

Biceps dumbbell curls
Triceps overhead extensions

SS# 2
Hammer curls
Double-arm kickbacks

Incline biceps curls
Lying triceps extension (on stability ball)

Biceps curls - 21's
Weighted triceps dips - to failure

I followed the weights with Cathe Friedrich's MMA Boxing and abs from Muscle Max (which I haven't done in ages).

Where's the Food?
We are fairly low on groceries, but with the upcoming travels, we don't want to go to the store and load up. I can't remember if I mentioned that we are going to be staying in Philadelphia Sunday and Monday just to piddle around as we've never been there. I'll be sure to lay out the whole plan of attack for this upcoming whirlwind of an extended weekend, including my absence from blogging.

But, on to dinner. We had some portobellos and squash hanging out. So I decided to make Portobello & Veggie Wraps with baked sweet potato "fries." There really isn't much of a recipe to post. I simply roasted portobellos, squash, and red and green bell peppers to go in a Flatout flatbread. I made a super quick, basic hummus to spread on the wraps for protein as well as tempeh bacon, and a bit of organic feta.

So they may not be pretty, but they were certainly tasty! Hope everyone has had the best Monday possible.