Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exhausted but Finally Some Grilling

This morning I had ever intention of getting up to get in a step workout. The lows are in the 80's (yes, lows) so by the afternoon, the A/C is struggling to keep up with the 100+ temps. Definitely no running outside right now. And PM workouts are like working out inside the sauna. Let's put it this way, upstairs was close to 90 degrees even though the thermostat was set just below 75. Not conducive to a "fun" workout folks. But, maybe I'm just a whimp/whiner.

Anyhoo, I woke up around 3:45 am and quickly changed the a alarm time. I figured I could at least do biceps/triceps at lunch then step after work downstairs (where it's just a little bit cooler. I've been itching to do step again after the Cathe Road Trip, which is funny since I haven't done step in weeks. Today I did supersets for biceps/triceps doing 3 sets of 8 reps:

Biceps dumbbell curls
Overhead triceps extension

Cross-body curls
Double-arm kickbacks

Incline curls (on stability ball)
Lying dumbbell extensions (on stability ball)

Zottman curls
Weighted dips

The workout was a tough one for me today. I was feeling really weak from the start. It's strange, because I got in a workout (run, weights, elliptical) on Tuesday morning then legs and boxing yesterday with no problems. In fact, they felt good. Today has been a different ball game for me. 

I did end up doing about 40 minutes of Step Blast. I had told myself that I would do at least 10-minutes and if I felt like going on, then I would and if I needed to stop then I would. I actually felt really good, so I kept going but stopped before I started to stumble over the step.

I will go ahead and say that tomorrow will likely be a second rest day this week for me. Perhaps I should not have really counted Monday as a rest day since we did nothing but walk for about 6 hours. Guess that's not truly resting in hindsight. Silly me right?


I have really been wanting to grill out, but it's simply too hot. Heating up the kitchen is a much better alternative to standing outside near a grill when it's over 105 degrees. Thankfully we had a front move through and the temps dropped a little over 10 degrees. Jason decided to take over the grill and grilled corn on the cob, sweet potato "fries" and some black bean burgers he picked up at the Argenta Market. We topped the burgers with grilled red bell peppers, spinach, and Soy Kaas Monterey Jack "Cheese." For the corn, Jason put the corn in aluminum foil with a splash of wine, salt, pepper, and garlic. 

On a slightly funny side note, I will admit to you all that for the past two days I have been a stumbling, bumbling, klutzy fool. I'm like a 2-year old 4 hours past her nap trying my best to stay awake. I have spilled barley, pushed the cork into my wine bottle then shot wine out because it somehow pressurized, hit my head on a closed freezer door, managed to get my toenail polish all over my hands and finger nails, dropped just about everything I touch...Do you ever become uber klutz?